August 26th 2015

Glo Minerals Dust 24k Highlighter


Glo Minerals 24k Dust // Gold.

Since I struggle with extremely dry skin, I am all about the glow trend that is currently happening. So I wanted to give you guys a suggestion on a great mineral highlighter that is actually worth the expensive price tag.

The Glo Minerals 24k powder dust highlighter is an all time favorite of mine. Even though I am usually more of a liquid highlighter kind of girl, this product is absolutely fantastic and It is also the greatest multi product you could ever wish for. You can mix this product with a body butter and/or foundation for a pretty summer glow, you can even dust some powder into your hair for a pop of shimmer on a night out & It is also lovely to use wet for a glamerous eyeshadow look and will add a foiled & intense look to the lid. But how I mainly like to use it, is with a light hand over my contour to create the illusion of natural, healthy and glowing skin. The powder has a lovely and soft pigmentation and it lasts ages on my skin. A lot of highlighters can quickly become very tacky with flakes of glitter, but this highlighter is very classy and sophisticated. If you want to achieve the “model golden goddess” look, this highlighter in gold will definitely be worth the splurge. This is really great for all ages and any occasions, specially since it is super buildable and therefor really easy to control. This 24k dust highlighter is also available in Silver & Bronze (click here) and the price is $38.50

August 22nd 2015


pellegrino2stine mo

The Mo Look

flowersblog n stuff

Irina The Diva & Nadialine Von Bach

I usually don’t bring my camera with me to events, but I thought it would be fun for you guys to read about once in a while. Yesterday one of my absolute favourite PR Agencies in Denmark called BeautyPR hosted a really fun summer party with endless alcohol and great company. They had prepared delicious and tasty gourmet hotdogs that are by the way still melting in my mouth. Slush ice, candy and most importantly – candyfloss, which is my absolute favourite thing in the entire world. I’m not gonna lie, when I saw the word candyfloss In the invitation I screamed a little inside.

Events are always a fun little break from the hectic everyday life and it gives bloggers a great opportunity to catch up with old as well as new friends while getting a good dosis of beauty and/or Fashion knowlegde. As I said, I usually don’t bring my camera with me cause I’m not sure if you’d find it interesting to read about so please let me know how you feel!

August 20th 2015

My life in pictures #1

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s a little diary from pictures I’ve posted on instagram. I would love it if you’d follow me @ LisaKastleen. I have always found these blog posts to be interesting, even though they’re sort of old school by now. So in this summer, I have been on a boat – well a bus boat and it was cool and yellow. I have been out brunchin’ too much, specially with my mum. I’ve also been to quite a few blogger events which are always a blast. My favourite thing I did this summer, was seeing Alex Vargas live. If you haven’t heard about him, go check him out on youtube, you won’t regret it! I am also testing out quite a lot of products, including Rouge Bunny Rouge, Glo Minerals & NYX. But most importantly, I have been watching a whole lot of TV-shows! I am currently watching Grimm, which is so freaking good and it doesn’t hurt that the lead actor is hot as hell.

What have you been up to this summer?

August 18th 2015

10 Fashion Questions Tag


    •   What is your favourite style to wear?
      I really like wide leg pants paired with a cami top and a long loose trench coat but I also like a good old leather jacket and a turtle neck. I don’t think I have a favourite style to wear though. The most important thing is being comfortable.
  • How would you describe your style?
    My style is like my personality – all over the fucking place! I’d like to consider myself an edgy minimalist, with a twist of .. everything? Yeah let’s go with that.
  • Who is your fashion role model?
    I don’t consider anyone my fashion role model. But I do appreciate Selena Gomez, she got a great style and I more than often find myself in hunger after her clothes. I also really adore Kendall Jenner.
  • What do you always have on?
    My Rebecca Minkoff bag. Our relationship i getting a bit unhealthy so I am actually on the look for a new crossbody bag. Just to give Rebecca a little break.. She’s been through a turbulent year as my partner in crime.


  • What are your favourite jeans? I wish I owned more pairs of jeans. There’s something casually but sexy about a perfectly fitting pair. My favourite model will always be the high-waisted one. You will never see me buying a pair of jeans that is not high-waisted.
  • Who influenced you to write about Fashion? My friend once said she thought I’d be a great blogger cause I have such strong opinions, so then my other friend bought me a domain as a random surprise. Then at first I thought it would be cool to be a music blogger, but I suck at writing so I just started being a superficial bitch in a superficial industry. No but in all seriousness, there’s no specific person who influenced me to write about Fashion. I just fell in love with it and knew that this was something that made me happy.
  • Favourite store & Favourite Designer. ASOS will always be the cherry to my pie. I also love Zara & Shopbop. In terms of favourite Designer.. Rag & Bone, 3.1 Phillip Lim, For Love & Lemons and a 100 endless names of brands.


  • How much do you spend on clothes? I am a budget queen and I don’t spend any more money than necessary. I’d like to say I use around $200 every third month. But sometimes I do give in for some expensive temptations. Let’s be real, I am human & a Fashion Blogger. Being budget friendly doesn’t always match
  • One Fashion trend you wish would come back & stay?
    I actually can’t think of anything. I haven’t really given it that much thought. I honestly don’t care much about trends, I buy whatever I like and if it happens to be a huge trend, cool – if not, cool. But I’m gonna say wide leg pants, even though they’re quite popular already. I just hope they are here to stay.
  • Heels or flats?
    I think heels are very pretty and glamorous, but I hate wearing heels. As I’ve said earlier, I am all about comfort – and I’d rather avoid any pair of crazy heels and have happy feet.

    I tag all of you to answer these questions! If you’d like, leave a comment with your answers so I can get you to know a little better. If you have a blog, it would be really cool if you also did this tag – drop your blog link in the comment box. I also have some cool news – NuMe is a popular brand that sells high quality hair straighteners and curling wands. I have a $100 discount code specially for you – that works on any NuMe styling sets. Click here, pick your favourite set, add it to your basket and it will automatically remove 100 dollars. Happy Shopping!

    August 12th 2015

    My tunes of August


    My life in general has been specially hard lately. Therefor instead of listening to melancholic AF music, I’ve been leaning towards more happy melodies or at least something that can push me out of this freaking bed (that I am ironically laying in right now). I hope you enjoy it and you can follow my 2 playlists on spotify if you’d like; here & here.

    1. Shy Girls – Second Heartbeat

    2. Madeon ft Dan Smith – La Lune

    3. Magic Man – Paris

    4. My Chemical Romance – Bulletproof Heart

    Now I get lost, tracing my steps back. It cost nearly everything that I’m not ready to lose today.