July 19th 2015



To be completely honest, I stole these pictures from my partner in crime’s blog By Pankalla. Credit to the man! I forgot to share these pictures from Miami & Key West, back from when I went on an amazing cruise experience with Celebrity. But better late than never & who doesn’t love a little travel inspiration? We were only in Miami for 3 days and then we spent 2 nights in Key West where we visited my good friend Joni who was an amazing host & showed us around her beautiful town. I miss Florida so much but hopefully I’ll soon be able to go back.

For my next “adventure” I’ll be going to Birmingham next month for the Fusion Festival. Honestly I am only going to see The Biebs. in general the line-up is really crappy in my opinion. But I’m excited, cause It’ll bring back a whole lot of memories of my hardcore Belieber time. I’m thinking about vlogging it? I don’t know if that’s anything you’d like but let me know!

July 18th 2015

5 Random Facts About Me

lisa kastleen

  1. I google everything – & trust me, I don’t think there’s anyone out there raping google’s search page the way I do (& ask my friends. “I’ll google it” will come up at least twice on a daily basis). I have this weird attraction to knowledge that is completely useless or either really powerful & therefor, I know too many strange things thanks to google.
  2. I spend majority of my day taking BuzzFeed quizzes and since that, I have become so much more self-aware. Buzzfeed tells me my best Orange Is The New Black match would be Alex. Not only as my apparently future girlfriend, I am also most similar to Alex, heck yeah! BuzzFeed also knows that my destiny is to win a space war and that I am alive inside, or as the test said – “You feel the feels!” Thank you for teaching me how cool I really am, BuzzFeed.
  3. Films, TV shows, Books & Music. 4 major parts of my life! If I am not reading, I am having an intense TV marathon. My favourite TV shows are by the way “Lost” & “The 100” and my favourite movies are “Harry Potter” & the “The Hobbit Trilogy” – Basic as fuck, I know. Yesterday I also watched this amazing film called  “Warrior” and oh my god.. GO WATCH IT, IT’S ON NETFLIX! When it comes to books, I have endless favorites. But if you like fantasy, I recommend you “Den Store Djævlekrig” / “The Devil War” by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen which is a childhood favourite of mine. Also my favorite bands are Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons and Volcano Choir. So there’s that.
  4. I am an astrology and an astronomy nerd. I love everything about the universe, I even have my favourite planet Neptune tattoo’d. I love how great, big & powerful this specific planet is, I mean they all are – but there’s something about Neptune I can’t quite explain. When it comes to astrology and zodiac signs, I also have my sign which is the Scorpio, tattoo’d. My mum is an Astrology freak so I sort of grew up with the interest. Since I was 10 years old & my mum said she wanted a Scorpio tattoo (it’s also her zodiac sign) I was determined to get one as well.
  5. I have a hard time letting people in. I am surrounded by friends I’ve known for ages but the whole “no new friends” saying is kinda my thing. It’s not even that I don’t want to make new friends. Actually I really want to. It is just the whole opening up all over again process that scares me a little. I have a tendency to keep my heart closed cause I’m a really emotional, hyper sensitive and fragile person and the pain of getting hurt is terrifying. I also believe that it has a lot to do with me being an introvert.

Tell me some of your quirks or if you relate to any of my feels. Bi*€#es i’m out!

July 9th 2015

Ceramic Fish Tealight

fiskfisk 2


My mum & I are currently renovating our apartment and I got a whole bunch of new cool things, including this Fish Tealight from Zara Home. I completely fell in love with it’s unique design, cause it’s something that’s not seen everywhere and my favourite colour is turquoise. The price was measly 139,00 dkk but he is right now on sale for only 99,00 dkk!  Zara Home has in general a lot of eye catching decor and my wish list is endless.

If you’d like to see a room tour or details of my room when it’s done let me know!


July 7th 2015

burning out



These outfit pictures are from right before the heat took over the Danish summer weather. I am wearing my favourite jacket from Tiger Of Sweden that I haven’t shown you guys before now. I feel so luxurious and fabulous whenever I am wearing it & the galaxy print is so desirable and the whole reason I felt in love with this jacket. The rest of my outfit is pretty budget friendly. The low cut top from ASOS paired with my skater skirt from H&M gives the look a flirty 60’s vibe which I absolutely adore. I then stole Mike’s hat cause my roots were unbearable. Also the gorgeous pointed slip on shoes are currently 50% off on ASOS.


July 2nd 2015

Sculpt & Glow


There’s no doubt that sculpting & highlighting is the strongest makeup trend for this summer and hopefully to the end of eternity. Doing my contour and giving my face a beautiful glow is actually my favourite part of doing my make-up. I love how you can play with your natural features and emphasize them. Let’s get to the review! All of these products are from Makeup-Online which is a danish website that sells hyped & awesome brands & products.

    • BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow - I love this palette so much cause of it’s amazing variety. I absolutely adore the gorgeous burgundy blush colour at left but since my skin tone is extremely fair I like to use it as an eyeshadow instead. It’s a beautiful powder formular which lasts all day on my eyelid with a proper primer and it gives a gorgeous vampy look. Honey you don’t need no mac eyeshadow for that! I have also had a hard time finding the perfect contour colour for my skin tone to a reasonable price.. But the brown shade in the middle of the BH Palette is absolutely perfect for sculpting. When you use a brown shade with an orange tone to contour with you can easily look dirty which is not always the greatest look but it’s all about preference. By using a cool toned brown you will instead create an actual shadow which will highlight your cheekbones in a more natural way which is what I personally love. Those 2 are my favourite shades in the palette & I use them constantly in my every day make-up routine for a little something extra! The warm brown bronzer at right is also really lovely. I like to use it with a big powder brush & a light hand to apply where the sun hits on my face for a sunkissed bronzed goddess look. The square sized highlighter in a yellow shade at left is nice if you don’t like too much glow. It has a pretty sheen but it has too much of a powdery texture which I am not really a huge fan of. I also prefer my highlighter to be crazy shimmery so I can glow like in a fairytale. But the light bronze toned highlighter at right is absolutely perfect for me and actually a great dupe for the “The Balm” highlighter. I like to use it over my contour when I’m feeling extra glamerous. It would also look freaking fantastic on people with a darker skin tone. Price: 190 dkk, available in Light Medium and Medium Deep.
  • theBalm Cindy Lou Manizer - This soft peachy/rose toned highlighter is a wonder product. It can not only be used to highlight your gorgeous face but it also works well as a blush on fair skintypes and it is so pretty as an eyeshadow as well. The light-reflecting pigments help highlight your best features & it is truly amazing cause it’s not too sparkly so you won’t end up looking like a disco ball cause let’s be real, a fairytale glow is charming.. But no one wants to be a disco ball. The most important thing to know about this product is that a little goes a long way. I like to use it over my Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid highlighter to not only keep my liquid highlighter in place, but for some extra sparkle. On lazy days this is perfect on it’s own as well. You really can’t go wrong with this product. I also worship multi-products cause you really get more value for your money & a fun chance to experiment with your look without emptying your pockets. One problem I have with highlighters is that most of them emphasize my pores, but this one lays perfectly on my skin. The packaging is also so cute but it breaks easy to treat it with love! Price: 195 dkk, available in 2 shades on Makeup-Online.